One Big Family

Meet Matt & James

Forged on a 30 year friendship, we have come together to offer our knowledge, experience & brutal honesty.

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At the end of 2017, James finally came home to Wales and to prevent him leaving again, Matt & James formed Techmeleon, a digital solutions consultancy based in South Wales.

With Matt's knowledge in infustructure, operations & design and James' expertise in business intelligence, development & UX design, together their experience covers the full life of digital solutions.

NowA long time ago


Gives too much friendly advice.

A force of nature who has run a successful I.T. consultancy business for over 15 years.

Matt has managed and run his own I.T. consultancy company and has been part of the journey of many successful startup companies from small one man offices to goliaths they are now.

Outside of work he manages his broad of children like a well oiled machine, pumps iron and is always extremely modest.

Extremely Modest


Needs a swear jar.

A hands-on perfectionist with more than 13 years experience in consultation, development & UX design.

James had been living abroad for 6 years in Luxembourg while consulting for Clearstream Deutsche Boerse. He contributed to many high value solutions and developed over 50 apps, technical ETLs and BI works as part of the business solutions team.

After many years away it was time to come home, but not before bringing his favourite thing back.
Leffe Blonde.

Outside of work he does whatever his children tell him while secretly training them in the way of the code.